Month: August 2021

At Neuro Hemp Solutions we are certified educators on the topic of Hemp/Cannabis! We will open your minds with the history of cannabis government policies, dosing protocols, the Endo cannabinoid system, terpenes, horticulture, our products and many more amazing topics! You can call to book your appointment 💚
It may sound like a waste to throw the pot in the pot, but this cooking program will let aspiring chefs take their cooking skills a little higher. From snacks to full-course meals, marijuana adds an extra dimension to cuisine that not only improves the flavor but will have guests satisfying the munchies before they
CBD is a hot topic of discussion around the country. The promise of benefits from a cannabinoid without the side effects of THC has legislators, patients and medical professionals looking for more answers. This panel will explore the various claims of CBD and clarify appropriate policies moving forward. Panelists: Martin Lee Dr. Jahan Marcu, Ph.D.
Hemp is rapidly becoming a staple in the outdoor industry. Athletes are turning to hemp and cannabis supplements, manufacturers are sourcing it for new products, and we are all interested how it can address environmental concerns. There are many misconceptions about hemp, and so education is paramount. Our panelists are the leading hemp experts who
Full Recipe and Instructions: Many people use CBD salves on their achy or stiff joints and muscles. Today I’ll show you how to make a CBD salve using CBD oil that can be easily obtained in the United States and many other countries.
North Carolina Medical Marijuana news! Senators Approve Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill In Committee The bill still has a bit to go: next to the Senate Health Care and Rules and Operations Committees in order to reach the floor, then heading to the House of Representatives and then to the governor’s desk. This is still big
In this video, Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian, and Dr. Celeste Yarnall talk about cannabidiol (CBD) — hemp-based CBD oil. To know more, watch this video or visit Subscribe for the latest pet news and get recipes from my eBook for FREE: Visit our website: Listen to
I have been learning so much about growing organic and in greenhouses. Come along on a recent field trip to visit my friend John. Sending you good vibes! ~CEE ——————————- SUPPORT MY FARM THRU PATREON AND SEE BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOS▹ ————————————————- Please like, comment, subscribe and share my channel. CEE’S IG: FARM’S
Federal Cannabis Legalization Will Happen Before 2022, According to Rohrabacher The FBI has loosened marijuana policy for agents, Rohrabacher predicts cannabis will be federally legal before 2022, Lil Baby and James Harden got “caught” with weed in France, and more cannabis news. Today at 3 PM CST! ______________________________________________ Footnotes: 0:00 – Start of Cannabis Legalization
Monday night Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office-SIU and Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables executed a search warrant on a home on Fish Creek Thoroughfare just off FM 2854. The home which is just outside the Montgomery Trace subdivision reeked of marijuana as deputies moved in and started removing over one-hundred pounds of marijuana. In the large
Why Does America Love Its Military So Much? » Subscribe to NowThis World: Since the 1980s, police departments received billions of dollars of ex-Vietnam military gear to patrol U.S. streets. What is militarization? Learn More: Pentagon orders Ferguson to return Humvees amid concerns about police militarization “The city of Ferguson, Missouri, is
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