Complete beginner guide : how to make cannabis oil for edibles with proper dosage. simple recipe.


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hello everyone, thanks for watching. remember that cannabis is a strong medicine which can reveal your inner self to you. like any inner work it should be done responsibly and with guidance from others or self. some of the most impactful trips I’ve ever had have been from edibles, and although they are often really fun, depending on who you are they often can be too intense. that’s why in today’s tutorial I wanted to show how you can get a estimate of how much thc is actually in the oil you make, making it easier for you to dose properly and not take too much. Remember that if you do get too high that it is just an experience that you are having, and try to learn from it, and remember that it will pass and things will go back to normal within a few hours. if you have never been too high and want insight into what that can be like watch this video

enjoy and hope you all have a great time in life!

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