Dr. Michael Greger | Vegan Infants, CBD, SIBO, Nut Controversy, too much Fiber? etc.


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1:00 I’m sure you heard about CBD oil. It’s currently really popular and claims to have incredible health benefits. Could you share your opinion on CBD? (Hemp without THC)
1:38 Some people are quitting a plant-based diet because they have conditions like SIBO where they have trouble digesting all that healthy fiber and just feel bloated all the time. What would you recommend those people should do?
2:23 We should all know by know how important fiber is but is there such a thing as too much fiber? For example I’m a heavy muscular guy living an active lifestyle and I eat about 4000 calories per day and because I eat a whole food plant-based diet I get easily +100g of fiber per day.
4:58 You probably heard of the controversy around the nut studies and the critique against you and Dr Fuhrman. Vegsource has done multiple videos where he basically tries to show that the science on nut studies is mostly either low quality or industry funded and that the health benefits of nuts are overrated and that you should change your opinion based on his interpretation of the evidence. (Dr Fuhrman did several articles in response to this but as far as I know you haven‘t reacted to this.) Could you be so kind and share your thoughts about this?
8:19 His latest video shows research that too much spinach is bad for you! That it can have a negative impact on kidney function. As a vegan, this was a punch to the gut. Can he elaborate on this and comment if there are any others fruits or veggies we should limit.
11:57 Now this questions is from all my kombucha lovers:Please ask if he’s reconsidered his negative stance on Kombucha which he hasn’t updated for many years as far as I know. Thanks!
13:13 I’d like to hear his opinion on the selenium content of Brazil nuts and potential toxicity because Brazil nuts are not really controlled and some just contain a fraction of our daily needs of selenium while other Brazil nuts exceed our daily needs many folds to a dangerous level. Would you recommend to supplement selenium?
17:18 Has decafinated coffee the same effect in terms of nutrient absorption? Iron etc?
19:53 Main health benefits of a plant based diet? (To convince someone)
21:46 What is the biggest/most difficult challenge you’ve noticed while fighting the health misinformation battle?
23:26 One of the most common arguments against veganism people give is that not all bodies are well suited to veganism. They’ll claim there’s a genetic predisposition to omnivorism for some, citing concepts like the Inuit diet, blood types, or lactose intolerance as example of a gene-based nutritional predisposition. Is there any evidence in the medical literature to suggest people may or may not have a predisposition for or against veganism, omnivoism, pescetarian, etc.?
27:28 onion and garlic unhealthy?
28:35 What does a vegan baby need to drink / eat between 1 and 3 years old?

Dr. Michael Greger, nutritionfacts.org: https://www.youtube.com/user/NutritionFactsOrg/videos

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