Does CBD Work? How Effective is CBD Compared to OTC and Prescription Drugs by Thomas Delauer


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DOES CBD WORK? CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most talked about, yet misunderstood pieces of the cannabis industry. It offers profound medicinal benefits for a wide range of health conditions, while eliminating or minimizing the mind altering effects typically associated with cannabis usage. CBD usage is on the rise in the United States as awareness and access to products expands.

Brightfield Group and HelloMD teamed up to understand more about the user’s experience with CBD. The study surveyed 2,400 of HelloMD’s 150,000 community members on their usage, knowledge, perceptions, and misconceptions of CBD, making it the largest study of its kind. Overall, the study found that consumers of CBD are very satisfied with its effectiveness for treating a variety of medical conditions including insomnia, depression, anxiety, and joint pain.

Thomas Delauer summarizes the study’s unique insights into what CBD products people are using and how effective they are perceived as being in comparison with pharmaceuticals.

This survey was conducted by the Brightfield Group, a large market research group that looks specifically at actionable data in the world of cannabis. They conducted this survey on 2,400 people. These 2,400 people were members of a large online community known as Hello MD, which consists of 150,000 members that are all either patients or experts in the world of CBD.

So, there’s some key findings with this group and I want to outline these first before I get into some of the other specifics. Some of the largest findings from this Brightfield survey was that 42% of those that were using CBD products were able to stop their prescription medications that effective. 80% of the group that was surveyed found their CBD products to be either effective or very effective at treating their specific conditions and conditions varied widely, ranging from things like anxiety and depression, all the way down to joint pain.

Out of all of these different groups of CBD, less than 3% of those that were surveyed found them to be ineffective. Where things really start to get interesting is when people started comparing their CBD to their over-the-counter medications and their prescriptions medications.

Of those that were surveyed, 66% of them found their CBD products to be more effective than over-the-counter medications for whatever ailment they were looking to heal from. Then 52% of those that were surveyed found their CBD products to be more effective than their prescription medications. This is some really profound stuff. When we start to understand the science and how CBD isn’t even the same as the traditional psychoactive marijuana, we can really see that this plant could have some very powerful effects on our future and even the future of medicine.

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