Hemp in Veterinary Medicine


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The anecdotal evidence of the medicinal benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids for animals is growing, but without approval from the FDA, veterinarians are unable to recommend helm for use in animals, and in most of the US, vets aren’t even allowed to discuss cannabis at all with pet owners. This week’s guest on the podcast is Dr. Patti Mayfield, a veterinarian and hemp farmer in Oregon, where she is also a member of the Veterinary Cannabis Society, which promotes education, safety, and legislative change surrounding the use of medical cannabis for pets. We also hear from Ben Thomas, director of the Montana Department of Agriculture about the state’s new hemp checkoff program, the first of its kind in the nation. Plus, we hear from Geoff Whaling about an IPO from Collective Growth Corporation and what this will mean for the hemp supply chain in North America.

Relevant Links

Veterinary Cannabis https://www.veterinarycannabis.org/

Montana Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Checkoff Program https://agr.mt.gov/News/montana-hemp-growers-establish-checkoff-applications-sought-for-committee

What is Collective Growth Corporation? https://tdameritradenetwork.com/video/rB4AoXHUFCyBceVOMt8Exg

The Jacobsen Daily Hemp Bulletinhttps://thejacobsen.com/price-reporting/industrial-hemp/


Hemp Innovators Hemp School https://www.hempinnovators.com/hemp-school

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