Navigating the CBD Hemp Oversupply Webinar – with PanXchange and the HIA


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In this a data-driven discussion, Julie Lerner, Founder & CEO of PanXchange discusses the current oversupply of CBD hemp. Rick Trojan, HIA Board President gives an overview of opportunities in growing for hemp fiber & grain from as farmers are making planting plans for 2021.​

For almost thirty years, the Hemp Industries Association has led the fight to legalize and establish industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity in the United States through advocacy, legal action, and education. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp has finally begun to take root in the U.S., but there is a great deal of work to do before hemp can begin to realize its incredible potential and become the major economic force it can be.

HIA, its members, affiliates and associates provide educational content only and are not responsible for your independent decisions based upon the opinions outlines in this presentation.

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