What delivery method is best for taking CBD? Delivering your CBD BEGINNERS GUIDE!!


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Do you know there are at least 7 ways to ingest CBD oil?! It’s true, as if CBD isn’t confusing enough as it is 😉 How one chooses to ingest CBD will not change the effect, but it will determine the intensity and speed of absorption. In addition to finding a high-quality oil, it is very wise to weigh your options and find the right fit. Don’t buy an oil if you are turned off by the flavor or texture – you don’t want it sitting in your cabinet, you want to use it! On the other hand, if you’re considering sublingual you’ll be glad to know it is a long-standing delivery method with proven effectiveness*! Knowing more about the many ways to utilize the popular supplement can help you determine the right product for you!

Let’s talk about the top ways to ingest CBD products and their benefits:

Inhalation (Vaping)
Sublingual (Oil- or Water-compatible)
Capsules or Soft gels
Topicals (Patches, Creams, Sprays, etc.)

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