How to Take CBD Oil for Beginners


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How long it takes CBD to work depends on many different variables like how you are using CBD, the dosage, the type of CBD, and the quality of your CBD product. And even beyond all of that, how long it takes CBD to work depends on each person’s individual body, goals, and expectations. Some people experience results right away, other needs a long period of consistent use to notice the difference.

Simply put, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. For starters, the way you take CBD has a big impact on how long it takes to work. Sublingual oils will allow more CBD to absorb into the bloodstream than capsules, and CBD topicals only will only penetrate skin deep. So if you want to absorb the most CBD fast, under the tongue is the way to go.

Many people need to adjust their dosage to start to notice their CBD working. Since how fast CBD works depends on factors like metabolism, body weight, and individual needs, you may need to up your intake. But it’s important to start small and work your way up! Starting with too large a dose may be a waste, and you may have some uncomfortable reactions to so much CBD at once. The recommended starting dose is 25mg a day for the average adult. After a couple of weeks, you can increase the dosage and self-evaluate your progress week by week until you see the results you were hoping for. And don’t forget to take it consistently every day!

The quality of your CBD product can also have a lot to do with how long it take for it to work. There are lots of CBD brands whose products contain impurities, additives, or other harmful substances that make the product unsafe. But thanks to the lack of regulations on CBD, those products still end up on the shelf. Look for the USDA certified organic seal to find a safe product that will work fast, and be sure to check the third-party lab reports to guarantee safety and potency.

Not only does the quality of CBD affect how long it takes to work, but the type of CBD matters too. Broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolates may sound like a good idea, but the reality is that they may not be the best. Current research supports the idea that all of the cannabinoids, including the tiny amount of THC legally allowed, working together is what causes you to experience benefits from CBD. So if you are taking a THC-free product, you may not feel the effects as quickly, or as strong, as you would with a full spectrum product.

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