What Patients Should Know About Marijuana Legalization

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Now that New York and many other states around the country have decriminalized medicinal and recreational cannabis, some are interested in partaking. To those people, Yasmin Hurd, PhD, Director of the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai, advises that marijuana is just like any other drug, even if it’s now legal. She also explains why today’s cannabis is different than what was available decades ago, how legalization can benefit the medical community, and why disclosing cannabis use to your primary care physician is critical.

0:00 Intro

0:05 What advice do you have for those new to marijuana who are interested in partaking now that recreational use is legal?

4:18 Can you get addicted to marijuana?

5:10 Are there any other drawbacks to frequent cannabis use?

6:24 Should I tell my doctor that I am using marijuana? Why?

7:33 Has marijuana been proven to alleviate any medical conditions?

8:53 How does legalizing marijuana benefit the medical community?

Read the article: https://health.mountsinai.org/blog/should-i-tell-my-doctor-that-i-use-cannabis/

Learn more about the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai: https://www.mountsinai.org/locations/addiction-institute

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