What Farmers Are Actually Making Growing & Farming Hemp in 2021


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As the industry continues to change and grow, so do we here at the Plug Supply. That includes admitting when you have made mistakes, as well as learning and adapting from them accordingly. These videos aren’t going to make us popular, but we didn’t get into this to make friends. We got in it to help the farmers, and sometimes helping the farmers is flat out telling them to not grow. Join Brad Menard for this incredibly in depth informational video outlining true market analysis on splits, tolling, the numbers you need to be hitting to succeed, as well as the potential problems you will be facing this upcoming growing season. Please like, subscribe, and share so we can continue producing these free informational videos, and if you are interested in seeing if your farm qualifies for our guaranteed buy back program please contact us via the information below. Thank you, and have a blessed day ahead of you. #Hemp #Farming #CBD #ThePlugSupply #InconvenientTruth #Cannabinoids

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