Answers – Expert on the Spot: Medical Marijuana


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Can marijuana be used to treat asthma? Has there been any evidence regarding long-term negative effects of medical marijuana? Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, of the Institute of Drug Research at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Medicine, answers all your medical marijuana questions in this month’s Expert on the Spot!

For those of you with short attention spans, we’ve set out a brief summary of the topics addressed by Prof. Mechoulam, along with their timecodes. Enjoy, and stay tuned for next month’s Expert on the Spot!

00:30 Any evidence linking marijuana to negative effects on the brain; 02:15 Is marijuana a gateway drug; 03:45 Importing marijuana medications to Israel; 04:30 Does marijuana cure disease; 06:00 Marijuana/arthritis; 07:30 Marijuana and its effect on teenagers; 08:30 Marijuana research and cancer; 12:15 Marijuana’s effects on post-traumatic stress disorder; 14:15 Potential use of treating marijuana for asthma.

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