Marijuana legalization: Ohio lawmaker makes push for recreational marijuana and other top headlines

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Marijuana legalization in Ohio: One lawmaker is making a push to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. Under the expected bill, Ohioans could have five ounces of marijuana and up to 15 plants. Republicans are working on their own form of legalization that would expand the current medical marijuana program.

Here’s what else is discussed in this July 19 episode of “In the Loop”:

✅ A US Women’s Gymnastics Team member tested positive for COVID-19
✅ The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending everyone over 2 years old wear a mask in school – whether vaccinated or not
✅ An Ohio lawmaker is making a push to ban schools’ ability to require masks
✅ Another Ohio lawmaker aims to legalize recreational marijuana
✅ A haunted house-themed restaurant in Cleveland is getting you in the spooky spirit a few months early

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