CBD Education – What Dosage of CBD Should I Take?


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Hi and welcome to today’s CBD education. Today we’re going to talk about proper dosing for CBD. If you’re just starting with CBD or maybe you’ve been utilizing CBD, yet had no instruction on dosage or usage, I’d like to share some information with you. First off, extremely important here… I’m not a doctor, so no medical advice here, yet I’ll share with you what I’ve learned to help you make good decisions. When I first started my journey with CBD, I didn’t know anything about it… the difference in qualities of product; for instance isolate verses full-spectrum or broad spectrum, nor did I know about proper dosing. The guideline I personally used for my guide was a Doctor Phillip Ryan. Dr Ryan shared how every human can respond differently to CBD, meaning different people respond to different dosages. For example, my body was beat up after 2-years of chemo, and I’m 6’8”, so I have a big body…. and for me, I currently take approx 200-300 mg per day of CBD. That sounds like a lot, yet people getting treated for epileptic seizures take over 1000 mg per day. With that being said, where should you start in regards to treatment. Like I said, I learned from dr Phillip Ryan, and he suggests 60mg per day to start with for arthritis pain. 30mg in the am and 30mg in the evening. This is how I started and I just monitored how I felt. Dr Ryan suggests you can start with 30mg in am and 30 in pm and of course, you must be consistent. AFter a week, if you don’t notice relief, you can increase the dosage. Again, I’m not a doctor, and if you’re under a doctors care, you should always check with your doctor for advice. My experience is that CBD is not a drug, so I was able to experiement and adjust dosages until I found what’s right for me. And remember, it’s important you use an isolate CBD product, which means it’s pure. Dragonfly pure CBD comes in tinctures, capsules and topicals… and all of the Dragonfly products are pure, tested and proven. Dragonfly is the #1 brand in Europe, now made and available right here in the United States for you. Dragonfly Pure CBD, come heal with me.

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