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Our Medical Cannabis webinar was hosted by Dr. Carmen James, who is an integrative medical doctor and health coach and also sits on the Cheeba Academy advisory board. We kicked off the webinar with an inspiring interview with Kelly McQue. Kelly is a cannabis enthusiast and author of the book “At Home With Cannabis”. In 2012 her life changed forever when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Refusing the medical options of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, she instead taught herself how to make and use cannabis oil to heal herself. Within 8 months of starting the cannabis treatment, the cancer was completely gone and Kelly has been healthier and stronger ever since. The interview was followed by some heavyweight panelists in the medical cannabis field discussing all things medical cannabis, CBD and dosing. Dr. Jake Felice. Dr. Jake, also an advisory board member of the Cheeba Cannabis Academy, is an accomplished naturopathic physician with extensive experience in cannabinoid therapeutics and medical cannabis consultations. He runs a Naturopath Pain Clinic in Washington State that offers natural solutions for chronic pain and personal performance. He is a medical cannabis expert who provides scientific, medical, public relations, and compliance-based advice for companies in emerging and existing cannabis markets and is on the advisory board for The Cannabis Defense Coalition in Washington. Dr. Carissa Saunderson. Dr. Carissa currently works as a primary healthcare physician in Cape Town and has a special interest in integrative medicine and holistic patient management. She has spent time working in hospitals in Durban, East London, Ireland as well as South Sudan during her stint with the humanitarian organization, MSF. Dr Carissa has been inspired by both her own journey in healing and observing the shortfalls of allopathic medicine in her own patients. Her goal for 2021 is to complete a diploma in interdisciplinary pain management at UCT and to promote a patient-centered approach to healthcare. (She also considers herself an amateur horticulturist, both indoors and out. Sharon Price Founder and co-owner of Carol’s Oil Medicinal Cannabis, has been researching and developing medicinal cannabis for fourteen years. During this time she has worked with cannabis and medical doctors treating people with various illnesses and conditions such as: cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, HIV, Chrones disease and many more. However, simply treating patients wasn’t enough for Sharon – she wanted to offer people the chance to learn how to harness, for themselves, the full benefits that the cannabis plant has to offer and thus began her Medical and Oil Making training courses. Her training courses offer an immersive dive into medical cannabis, guiding those interested in approaching healthcare holistically and naturally. Check our Medical Cannabis CPD course which is accredited for 8 CPD points with the HPCSA alternatively our more in-depth Medical Professional course

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