BAMBOO vs HEMP Microgreen Mats!? Sustainable Hydroponic Microgreen Mediums!!


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🤯There’s so many different grow mediums out there and each grow medium can give you a different Microgreens grow experience!

☺This is why we love testing them out with various crops and putting them against each other

➡️For today’s video we put Hemp grow Mats against Bamboo grow Mats for Purple Kohlrabi Microgreens.

🤨In the past we tried bamboo mats and the radicals had a hard time pushing through the grow medium, but since then they have changed their product to make it less densely woven!

Hope y’all enjoy this new video! It’s the last hydroponic grow mat experiment on our list for a bit while we integrate into new content!🥳👨‍🌾👩‍


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