CBD Education: How CBD Effects our Dynamic Balance


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I’m going to attempt to share the physiological affects of CBD on the human body. Every aspect of human Physiology is based on the balance of polar opposites. In our immune system, we have the balance between inflammation and anti-inflammation and when they’re balanced, we say our system is working properly. In our nervous system we have inhibition and excitement. Too much excitement we could we have anxiety. Too much inhibition; that’s depression.

Equilibrium, or balance is made up of these polar opposites and when they’re balanced, that’s when our systems are working properly. In our endocrine system, it’s a balance between a catabolic breakdown and anabolic build up. When we talk about how CBD affects our system this is really interesting; this is called dynamic balance, and this is an image of a mobile that’s above a baby’s bed. I was taught this by Kenny Asher mill broad he’s a doctor, CEO and chief strategist at AMA Regenerative Medicine. This is an illustration of what’s called signaling molecules inside of our body, and these particular stars are represent signaling molecules. So, if this was our nervous system, the signaling molecules would be our neurotransmitters. If this was our endocrine system, these stars would be our hormones… and if this was our immune system, the stars would be what’s called cytokines.

I’m going to give you a quick illustration of how prescription drugs affect our balance in our system versus a natural supplement like a CBD. OK so you’ve got the signaling molecules and let’s just say this is your nervous system and these signaling molecules send signals to your body’s cells about what’s going on right now and this signaling molecule says, something’s going on here, I’m feeling really depressed. So you’ve got too much of what we call GABA going on in your body. The opposite GABA is called glutamate. Glutamate is excitement and GABA is depression so we’ve got something going on here, we have too much GABA going and the stars are inflamed and it need some help.

You take a prescription drug for depression that comes in and clamps on the star right here. It wants to fix this symptom and what does it do to this this mobile thing above a baby’s bed? Well, you can imagine, if this is star is heavy it turns this, and of course then it tilts this, and it tilts this, and it tilts that and the whole mobile gets tilted because of this star is heavy. Then of course your system is under stress and this star here starts going… and there’s something going around this star because it’s compensating for this over here and now, we take another prescription drug to handle this. Pretty soon your system is under stress, it breaks, and you find yourself in the nearest hospital.

CBD helps with the whole system; it doesn’t go after the stars; it goes after the part that balances your entire system. CBD is a natural supplement to what we already create, and it balances our system versus the prescription drugs that attack the symptom rather than the system, so that’s the beauty of CBD on the Physiology of the body. Remember isolate CBD is the only way to go. CBD Isolate means it’s pure. Dragonfly is pure, tested and proven and the only way to go.

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