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James Knox, of KLR Farms is a grower with over twenty years of commercial growing experience, and he isn’t afraid to pull any punches when it comes to today’s cannabis culture. He’s got strong opinions and while checking out the incredible plants at KLR Farms, we also find out how James feels about the term “Master Grower” and those who are all show, and no go.

We started our tour by learning how an “adult temper tantrum” inspired the KLR Farms, S.A.F. growing program. The program was built after James noticed how many different nutrients other “master growers” were using on their plants, often duplicating ingredients. This lack of attention to detail irritated James and caused him to create the S.A.F. program, taking things back to basics and allowing even novice growers to turn out amazing results.manda Mackay hosts the premiere episode of Growing Exposed, the show that takes you inside the world of marijuana growing and introduces you to some of the characters behind these gardens. Created by film producer Jeremy Deichen, this series takes a look into the once underground world of marijuana production; documenting garden tours, revealing product tips, and reviewing products and practices.

Products You May Like

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