Week 6 flower – Outdoor cannabis training – grow bigger buds Ep.14


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This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. I am a ACMPR licensed grower in Canada. My videos are strictly for entertainment and education of how cannabis is cultivated and sometimes processed.
I do not condone or promote the use of illegal cannabis in any way, shape or form.
Please check the laws in your Country, State or Province before you grow.

Royalty free music: It’s a trip by Joywave

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🧨Currently using:
Wallace Wow mycorrhizae
Bat guano compost tea
Dutch Passion seeds
In house genetics
Dungeons vault genetics
Sweet seeds
Blue lab ph pen / soil pen
Ph down
Inkbird controller
Coco coir
Earth worm castings
Compost tea
Plastic pot
Fabric pots
Pro mix hp
Garden wire
Twist ties
Bubble hash wash machine
Bubble bags
Vivosun oscillating fan
Optic led
MarsHydro lighting
Sanlight Q-Series
Stepwell supersoil
Canna coco
U Cann amendments
Pulse one meter

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