PLANeT Based Healing Ep. 11 FUTURE OF HEMP: Diversity & Education


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PLANeT Based Healing Ep. 11 FUTURE OF HEMP: Diversity & Education Required

Join us for an educated & exciting discussion on what to expect with hemp in 2020 and onward. Stephanie Rest & Kim Collier embark upon “PLANeT Based Healing”. Join us for intriguing interviews highlighting entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers, as we focus on the facts and importance of plant and planet-based healing for all.

Hosts: · Stephanie Rest, Founder, WE Consulting & Caribbean WE has led opening teams for resorts and spas since 2001, she has been influential in creating new facilities and reinvigorating existing spas to meet the challenges and opportunities of the new waves of spa development.

· Kim Collier, Co-Founder of Collier Concepts, is a visionary trendsetter and spa industry innovator. Committed to global wellness initiatives, she is an international spa experience planner, spa therapy instructor and herbal product aficionado.

· “The Hemp Twins”, Abigail and Noemy Cuevas, provide knowledge on all things hemp. The first Latinas in Los Angeles, CA to educate about hemp, the twins seek & share knowledge to create healthy shelters, homes & structures out of ‘hempcrete’ & more. “The Hemp Twins” are first generation college graduates, hold Architectural & Technology College degrees & co-founded Industrial Hemp Alliance. Their passion is to educate communities, colleges and institutions to understand & implement hemp for construction, food, textile, cosmetics, health and Hemp for ALL!

· Heather Allman is a US medical cannabis journalist & contributor to US Cannabis Law Report, CBD World News & Weedera. A certified educator & advocate, Heather is a member of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB), where she holds a seat on their Sustainability National Standards Board. LinkedIn :

Sponsored by Collier Concepts a budding family business & green wellness consulting company. #ProjectPositivePlanet is an educational collaboration between: WE Consulting & WE Consulting & Education |Well World TV | Papilla

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