CBD Education: Pain and Inflammation Relief


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Today I’m talking about Pain Relief, Inflammation and Performance Recovery utilizing CBD. So let’s talk about the two types of information we typically have .. first, there’s acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is when you have you bump your elbow, you bump your wrist, or maybe you injure your arm and you have localized, short term pain for inflammation. Then we have chronic inflammation and muscle soreness; and even chronic joint pain, which means inflammation over a long time, which is arthritis. What people typically do for pain and inflammation is take what’s called NSAIDs, or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like an aspirin or ibuprofen. Do they work, yes they do. Asprin or Ibuprofen work by cutting off c o x 1 and cox-2 enzyme production. Now the challenge with that is we need some inflammation in our gut, so you cut off all enzyme production from cox-1 you’re not protecting your stomach lining that’s when people experience internal bleeding. CBD it just allows your body to produce more but it naturally does from the inside, which is create more of the our natural cannabinoid Anandamide, which reduces pain and inflammation. CBD doesn’t cut off your doesn’t cut off your cox-1 enzyme production. So CBD is not a drug… it doesn’t stop production of enzymes we need, it simply causes your body to produce more of what it naturally does and that’s the beauty with CBD. And that’s why an isolate is the right choice for health and vitality… pure, tested and proven. Dragonfly pure CBD, come heal with me.

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