Growing High Quality Hemp Starts


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Focused on lighting requirements of hemp seedlings as well as producing certified organic hemp starts. This webinar covers horticultural lighting options and optimizing light treatments for hardy starts. In addition, organic requirements for seeds, transplants and planting stock is discussed.
Gretchen Schimelpfenig, PE, Technical & Operations Director of Resource Innovation Institute (RII) and facilitates the organization’s Technical Advisory Council.
Lauren Tonti, Certification Co-Director with NOFA-NY Certified Organic, an accredited organic certification agency certifying 1100 operations to the National Organic Standards.
Chris Grigsby, Certification Director for MOFGA Certification Services, LLC (MCS), a wholly-owned entity of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). MCS also administers MOFGA’s Certified Clean Cannabis program (Maine only).

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