Cannabis use for breast cancer


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This video investigates the potential benefits of using cannabis to combat breast cancer and cancer-induced pain. This topic has been researched quite heavily and is still under investigation, thus this video spreads information on past and current research. In addition to a one-on-one interview with both breast cancer researcher, Dr. Gurmit Singh and a Ph.D. student in his lab, Rob Ungard. Dr. Singh studies experimental therapeutics in breast cancer and can provide further insight on this topic and the viability of the treatment. Questions included in the interview are: What does your research on cannabis and breast cancer entail? What are, if any, the biological mechanisms of cannabis and breast cancer interactions? What steps still need to occur before it could be a treatment option? Can you give us a brief overview of the hypothesis of cancer pain? The video begins with a brief explanation of the chemical components in cannabis and a discussion of breast cancer. This aids in the understanding of the complicated content of the interviews. The intended audience of this video is current breast cancer patients looking to gain more information on this potential novel treatment, along with students in post-secondary education looking to learn more about the research in this field.

This video was made by the McMaster Demystifying Medicine students Rachel Aubrey, Vaishna Kumaran, Pouriya Sadeghighazichaki and Jonah Standard.

Copyright McMaster University 2019


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