Texas Hemp Growers Association Agronomics Presentation


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Agronomic education provided by the following:

Dr. Calvin Trostle, Professor & Extension agronomist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Lubbock. Dr. Trostle is the agency’s senior extension agronomist working on developing educational opportunities for industrial hemp in Texas and assisting in the development of potential research and education partnerships with the industrial hemp industry. He has 21 seasons of cropping experience as an alternative crop specialist for the Texas High Plains and beyond.

For over 30 years, Shanan Wright has been a large scale potato and grain farmer. Together with his son in law, Dion Oakes, they farm as Wright-Oakes LLC in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. In 2014, they began to grow hemp as one of the first licensed growers in Colorado. Starting small scale and ramping up production for grain and CBD to over 2,500 acres in 2019. Wright-Oakes have set themselves apart in the industry through the continual use of straight run seed without removing male plants. Their practices help to mitigate the risk and cut costs making hemp a true rotational crop option.

Since 2014, Corbitt Hefner has worked directly with Colorado growers including Wright-Oakes Farms to create new innovative ways to harvest hemp. With over 25 years of experience, Corbett has developed numerous agricultural implements and equipment that have made significant improvements in grower’s productivity, cultural practices, and bottom-line returns. Corbett is an accredited Lean Manufacturing practitioner incorporating those principles into the machinery design and operation as well as an inventor on 18 US and foreign patents. Corbett has a B.S. in Agricultural Science with a concentration in Plant Pathology from Colorado State University.

A special thanks to Daniel Clayton for production and filming. www.iv80p.com

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