Growing Award-Winning Cannabis in a Residential Garage | PARAGRAPHIC


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As the cannabis industry booms, laws and restrictions continue to change faster and faster. From state to state and town to town, it can be hard to navigate the legal boundaries of what’s allowed and what’s a criminal offense. Meet the guys at Qualifire Farms, growing cannabis from a home garage and winning awards for their superior quality.

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A story is more than a title. We are a small team of independent filmmakers focused on emerging interests. We love exploring the wide landscape of these enthusiast communities through personal stories from their most passionate creators. The underdog, the obsessed, the misunderstood, the ones who have committed everything to their craft. For them it’s more than a hobby; it’s a way of life.

From garage bakeries and gourmet mushrooms to vertical farming and worm composting, these stories will elevate your understanding and deepen your appreciation.

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