What about CBD Oil and lung cancer?


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Dr. David Carbone, Professor of Medicine at The Ohio State University, is a leading lung cancer researcher. When patients and their families ask him if it’s OK to use CBD oil while being treated for lung cancer, he has some specific advice., which LCFA has captured here.

In this video, Dr. Carbone is speaking to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America Speakers Bureau. The LCFA Speakers Bureau is a team of lung cancer patient/advocates who work to raise awareness of the important and life-saving advances in lung cancer research that is happening every day and that all of them benefit from. In addition, the LCFA Speakers are featured on television news interviews as well as on LCFA’s own Hope With Answers online video series.

In the Hope With Answers videos, these patient/advocates ask the questions that every lung cancer patient needs answers to and gets those answers from leading lung cancer doctors.

At first, it all seems terribly daunting. You can’t take in everything. You feel the need to digest the information you need step by step. You need your family and caregivers to know and understand what’s happening, too.

It’s time to bring the patient/caregiver/physician conversation into the home.

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