How to Smoke a CBD Joint | Hemp Flower


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This is a beginners guide on what a CBD Preroll or “joint” is and how to smoke a CBD joint.

With many new people being exposed to CBD and CBD flower for the first time, there are many people that do not know what to do with a prerolled CBD joint. It is a rather simple video demonstrating our CBD prerolls and how to smoke one.


5Pack Preroll Deal:

Casino Cookies CBD PreRoll:

CBD Flower Pre Roll – Casino Cookies – CBD Joint

Honolulu Haze CBD PreRoll:

CBD Flower Pre Roll – Honolulu Haze – CBD Joint

Micropine Haze CBD PreRoll:

CBD Flower Pre Roll – Micropine Haze – CBD Joint

Sour Space CBD PreRoll:

Sunshine Haze CBD PreRoll:

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