Hemp farming documentary – How to grow a profitable hemp farm


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Hemp farming is real fun. This video shows what we did to farm hemp.

First, we did a soil test to learn about our soil and if it would support a large hemp farm. Next, we purchased our hemp seeds and propagated those seeds in a greenhouse.

A month later when they were ready to survive outside, we transplanted them in the field about 48” apart, and our rows were 8′ wide.

The hemp grow season lasted about 4 months from June to October. We paid careful attention to the health of the plants with proper watering and fertilization.

In early October, we cut the plants and dried them in the barn. After the plants were dry, we combined them and took them to the extraction plant so we could get the oil from them.

Our plants pulled some really nice #CBD #distillate, and we made some tincture bottles. Because it was just Albert and I doing all the work, we can offer a premium CBD tincture for about half the price on our website: https://www.greenmethodfarms.com/

This video will teach you how to farm hemp and the best hemp farming practices. Hemp is also known as cannabis and is grown outdoors (sometimes indoors) in a dry climate. It is becoming a larger part of agriculture.

In our farm vlog, we will teach how to grow cannabis and proper hemp cultivation including hemp harvest for CBD at the end of the season. Good luck on your hemp grow!

For more hemp farming videos, visit: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOm8PX6TW7e_woAWGR5ymtFmmVPpm5bVa

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How to grow hemp

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