CBD Facts with Master Supplement Formulator Sanjeev Javia


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CBD is a useful tool for supporting and balancing the body by allowing for better utilization of the body’s natural mechanisms and pathways. It can improve sleep disorders, fibromyalgia pain, muscle spasticity related to multiple sclerosis, and anxiety. Learn about CBD usage and safety with Bridgit Danner and Sanjeev Javia.

Main points of the discussion
– Four spectrums of life
– Why is CBD infused with other elements?
– CBD for joint pain and immune support
– Small quantity for regular health development

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About the expert:
Sanjeev is a founder of Javia Wellness Group and PRoZE Performance Nutrition. He has formulated over 87 dietary supplements that have been sold worldwide and have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. He has spent 18 years formulating nutrition products and has developed entire lines of supplement products—from sports performance to areas in various disease management states. His specialty and research emphasis is on nutrition and exercise interventions in diabetes/obesity, auto-immune diseases, neurological issues, and post-chemotherapy recovery. He has launched his brand of nature-rich formulations driven by CBD and Hemp called PRoZE Performance Nutrition.

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