Grow the Perfect Cannabis: 10 Top Tips!


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Our videos are generating a lot of comments from you and some great questions are being asked.

In response to this, over the next few of weeks and months we will be producing a number of videos on specific problems some of you have been encountering.

As we’ve hit 1000 subscribers we thought we’d create a special giving you 1,000 top tips on how to grow great cannabis plants, but that would be a seriously long video… We then thought about 100 tips, but decided that growing cannabis plants really isn’t that complicated, so we settled for a top-10 list.

So here it is. Our top ten tips for growing cannabis!

Number One, choose the right strain of cannabis plant you want to grow. Genetics plays a big role, both in terms of suitability for growing indoors or out, or what type of cannabis high you want.

Two, decide on the growing medium you want to use, and by that we don’t mean a clairvoyant with a greenhouse.
Ideally you want a soil with a light and airy texture that drains well, but not too quickly as you want it to retain some moisture and nutrients!
Finally, you want a PH level of around 6.

Of course, you can easily solve all these problems by buying soil specifically for growing cannabis plants.

Three – make sure your plants have plenty of nutrients and get the right nutrients at the right time. Do your homework and check up on the balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, or NPK, which will change depending on what growing stage the plant is at.

Four, decide on the best lights for your plants. Compact fluorescent lights – CFLs – are only good for seedlings, while high-intensity discharge lights – HIDs – use a lot of electricity and generate a lot of heat. LED lights are becoming increasingly popular and are cheap to run.

Five, think about the welfare of your plants and install a fan where they are growing. This will help to reduce the chances of mold, it strengthens the plant stems, prevents bud rot, and also deters pests like mites and fungus gnats.

Six, establish the perfect growing climate for your plants. This changes from seed germination through to harvesting, so create a chart that includes figures for the right level of humidity and the best temperature with lights on and also lights off for each growing stage.

Seven, pay particular attention to watering of your cannabis plants. Water them well, but then allow the top three or four centimeters of the soil to dry out before watering thoroughly again. Overwatering rots the roots, while underwatering stunts growth. Both can kill your plants.

Eight, train your plants. By this we don’t mean teach them to sit up and beg or roll over, but more a case of tying them to a cane and prune excess leaves as well as topping them out to encourage vigorous development of buds.

At number nine we begin to get to the exciting stuff – when is the best time to harvest your buds? When most leaves have turned yellow and some of the trichomes on your buds have begun to turn an amber-brown colour is usually the right time to get busy harvesting.

Finally, at number ten, we have the drying and curing of the buds. Hang the buds in a dark room with around 50% humidity and good air circulation for around 9-12 days.
Trim off any excess and then put the buds in a jar, filling it three-quarters full, and sealing them in with a lid.
Open the jars every day for half an hour to allow the air to change and reseal the jar. Do this for between four and eight weeks.
After eight weeks, let the fun begin!

So, did we miss anything out from this list. We’d love to hear from you, let us know in the comment section below, and of course if you enjoyed this video make sure to Subscribe to our channel, so you too can become a cannabis expert!

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