Could CBD help opioid users overcome addiction?


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The opioid epidemic is one of the biggest and most costly health risks facing modern America. Yet, CBD Scientist Yasmin Hurd suggests that there is a way to overcome this epidemic. Yasmin’s research focuses on Cannabidiol (CBD) as a non-addictive, efficacious treatment option for overcoming opioid addiction. From scientific research to the history behind Cannabinoids, Yasmin shares how the unique characteristics of CBD could have meaningful impacts. Specifically, she shares how Cannabinoids affect chemicals in the brain which regulate anxiety and emotion. As such, in a large NIH-funded clinical trial with CBD, Yasmin is investigating CBD-based solutions in people with opioid use disorder.

Yasmin envisions a future in which CBD treatments can help individuals overcome opioid addiction to eradicate the opioid epidemic. Watch Yasmin’s TEDMED 2020 Talk, “Could CBD help opioid users overcome addiction?”

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