Educational Series (7 of 31): The Difference Between CBD and THC


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This video education series is designed for our retail partners and their employees to learn about Joy Organics, our premium CBD products and the answers to the most common questions our customers ask. Enjoy!


To know the difference between CBD and THC, we need to understand some basic information. Both compounds are extracted from the cannabis plant and are considered cannabinoids.

In the hemp plant, there is believed to be over 100 different types of cannabinoids. Each molecule is different from another, with different traits, effects, and benefits.

Human beings have a system that directly interacts with these cannabinoids; it’s called the endocannabinoid system and it works to support various systems (including the nervous system) throughout the body.

The cannabinoids found in hemp work with the endocannabinoid system. But, each cannabinoid has different properties. Hence, they work differently in our endocannabinoid system.

THC is a specific molecule/cannabinoid. It contains psychoactive properties and can make a person high (intoxicated). It’s associated with marijuana and why some people like the plant. THC may also have some health benefits.

CBD is not like THC. It will never make a person intoxicated or high. A person can consume CBD and then, he or she can go about their occupation or daily routines. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. Hence, it’s completely different from THC.

So, what does ‘Joy Organics’ do?
‘Joy Organics’ separates THC molecules from the rest of the cannabinoids.

For example – Imagine a bag full of marbles. Among those marbles, a red marble is also there. The marbles represent different types of cannabinoids and the red marble is THC.
Joy Organics removes that red marble and we infuse the remaining molecules in our products.


About Joy Organics

Joy Organics was created with a clear initiative: to develop Premium THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Products through innovation and excellence, with service to match. Joy Organics is the world’s premier line of family-friendly CBD products. We aim to take charge of the CBD industry with radical transparency and the highest quality hemp oil products.

Our wholesale program is designed to allow retail businesses, healthcare professionals and independent entrepreneurs to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market by offering the Joy Organics line CBD Products.

We want to not only provide the highest quality CBD products on the market and also to give you all the information we have so you are educated and knowledgeable.

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