How to Grow Hemp – Our CBD Hemp Farming Story


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If you are thinking about #hemp farming for #CBD, this video will be informative about the process.

Our first step after getting our hemp farming license was a soil test in February. We then talked to an agronomist about how to amend our soil so it is perfect conditions for growing hemp.

In April, we received our seeds, and started propagating them in a greenhouse in May. By the beginning of June we were planting our hemp starts in the ground.

We got a team to help plant our hemp seedlings in the ground. We laid down the plastic mulch, and drip tape, and used a water wheel transplanter to plant the seedlings. It took about 3 full days to plant 9 acres in the field.

At that point, we watered and fertilized the plants, and over the next couple months, they started growing very fast. In about early August, the plants started transitioning to the flowering stage where they started producing oil. The flowers became really pretty, and there were even some pink flowers.

It was pretty amazing to just see them grow as tall as me. I will say it was really rewarding to see the fruit of our farming.

Here is a good article for learning the basics of the hemp plant:

At the beginning of October, we started cutting the plants and hanging them in the barn. The whole harvest process took about 2 solid weeks. Everyone was tired. It was a lot of work. We ended up getting about 9000 hemp plants in our barn, and it took about 3 weeks to dry them out. The rest of our plants we dried in the field.

After everything was dry, we used a combine to strip the stalks and stems from the plant so we had nice homogenized biomass in large sacks. When all of our sacks were full, we took them to the CBD extractor for processing.

It took them about 2 weeks to process all of our biomass to CBD distillate and isolate, and now we have about 150kg of full-spectrum distillate to make our products.

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The entire hemp farming process was very rewarding and challenging for everyone. We grew a lot, and had fun, and made some money!

This video will teach you how to farm hemp and the best hemp farming practices. Hemp is also known as cannabis and is grown outdoors (sometimes indoors) in a dry climate. It is becoming a larger part of agriculture.

In our farm vlog, we will teach how to grow cannabis and proper hemp cultivation including hemp harvest for CBD at the end of the season. Good luck on your hemp grow!

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How to grow hemp

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