Core Knowledge Every Cannabis Budtender Should Know / Max Montrose / Green Flower


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Outlining the essential information all budtenders should possess when interfacing with a wide spectrum of clientele – from medical patients to adult-use consumers – Trichome Institute’s Max Montrose makes the case for more comprehensive cannabis education and training in the retail sector.

As an example, he breaks down the process of how cannabis edibles work and are processed in the body – information that is often unclear or unknown to many budtenders and consumers, and as a consequence, results in unpleasant cannabis experiences.

During this Green Flower cannabis summit presentation, he also gives an unflinching state-of-the-industry assessment of the shortcomings in cannabis knowledge and education, plus criteria of what to look for when seeking high-quality cannabis educational programs.

To learn more about cannabis education for yourself and/or your staff in cannabis fundamentals, compliance & regulations, patient care and more, check out

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