What is Hemp | Difference Between Marijuana, Hemp and Cannabis


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What is Hemp? | Difference Between Marijuana, Hemp and Cannabis
What is hemp, how is it different from marijuana or cannabis? Hi, I’m Tom Howard a cannabis lawyer you can find on this youtube channel, or my blog cannabis industry lawyer.com.

Today, we dive into hemp, explain what it is – and give you notes on aspects of hemp like cannabidiol – or CBD, hemp flower, and everything else you need to know about hemp and how it is different from marijuana.

I got my whiteboard here, so let’s get going on this special episode of ….
What exactly is hemp?
Hemp is the plant cannabis sativa, which is the same cannabis sativa that can make marijuana, or adult use cannabis. The difference between hemp and marijuana has to do with one very specific cannabinoid called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, which we have known about since its discovery by Dr. Michalum in Israel in 1964, and how it works since his discovery of anandamide in 1992.

Hemp is all parts of the cannabis sativa plant, whether growing or not, or the seeds thereof, with a delta-9 THC level of 0.3% or less by dry weight. However, all states that permit the cultivation of hemp require a license. Hemp farming without a license may get you into legal trouble, which reminds me – none of this is legal advice. Just because I’m a lawyer does not mean I’m your lawyer unless you have a written engagement with my firm, the Collateral Base. This is everything you need to know about hemp for informational purposes only.

For example, there are over 120 cannabinoids – but only 1, delta-9 THC, is the only thing that makes cannabis either lawful hemp or schedule 1 marijuana under federal law.
When did hemp become legal?

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