Higher Education: A Review of Marijuana, Cannabis, and Cannabinoids


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Marijuana has been around for centuries and has recently reignited debate as to its usefulness and legality. More than half of our country has legalized “Medical” Marijuana, even though it remains a Federal DEA Controlled Substance Class One agent. So, how is “Medical” Marijuana handled from a legal perspective?
In our discussion on “Medical” Marijuana, we will aim to gain a “higher” education on marijuana, hemp, and cannabinoids. Just what is hemp, and is it really more versatile than cotton? Is my shirt made of hemp? What types of weed are there? Are there pharmaceutical products coming to market that are cannabinoids? If so, where will the products be placed into therapy and how will they work? If these “budding” questions take your curiosity “higher,” then get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive deeper into the “weeds.”

Objectives Include:
– Recall cannabinoid history, products, and legality efforts.
– Identify opportunities for patient counseling centered on drug interactions, side effects, and the effects of marijuana/cannabinoid utilization.
– Identify cannabinoid utilization opportunities for various medical conditions based on its respective pharmacology

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