How to Grow Marijuana (Step-By-Step) Week Five


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We worked extremely hard on this video and it took us a couple days to complete – so I truly hope you all enjoy it. πŸ’š

Are you looking to grow weed? We’re about to teach you how to set up your cannabis plants for a rock solid vegetative phase.

How to grow cannabis for beginners to experts.

πŸ“Ί What We Cover in this Video:
Plant Anatomy (1:48)
Pruning & Training (8:48)
Ideal Environment (12:52)

πŸ“ The Vegetative Checklist:
Lights On: 18 hours
Lights Off: 6 Hours
PPFD: 400-600
Spectrum: Blue
Temp: 70-80Β°F (20-26.6Β° C)
Humidity: Lower by 5% each week (40-70%)
Soil and Water PH 6.5

Please keep in mind some of these variables will change depending on the strain you are looking to grow.

πŸ“š The Green Print: Growers Book πŸ“š

The Green Print (Handbook)


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