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How does hemp fit into an organic crop rotation?

Since 1947, the Rodale Institute has been committed to research and education about organic agriculture. By studying the best practices, Rodale Institute is able to educate farmers, scientists, and consumers throughout the world about organic agriculture as the healthiest option for people and the planet.

In 2017 they received a research permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to begin incorporating hemp into their organic agriculture research trials. Their research focuses on utilizing agricultural hemp as a cash crop (in their Variety Trial), as well as using it as a cover crop to address weed pest issues and enhance soil health in organic agriculture (in their Weed Suppression Trial). Another goal is to help educate farmers about hemp’s broader economic and environmental opportunities.

Agricultural hemp has been identified as an extremely valuable crop to US farmers and organic farms all around the world. In partnership with the Rodale Institute, CV Sciences continues to support regenerative hemp agriculture. Learn about hemp’s countless advantages and how this single crop can change the agriculture industry forever in this short documentary video.

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