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Hi, it’s Dan with Dragonfly Pure CBD, after two years of chemo, my body was beat up, it was chronically sore, my bones hurt, my joints and muscles were sore, and of course, I had been dealing with inflammation as my body was fighting to stay alive. I started looking for alternative healing methods and I found CBD. As I researched the market and used different products and brands, I soon found out that the ONLY type of CBD I could trust was an Isolate, that means it’s pure. Dragonfly Pure CBD is an Isolate, it’s pure, tested and proven. Dragonfly is Europe’s #1 CBD brand, and now it’s made and sold here in the U.S. and it’s available right here. So, allow me to educate you on what I learned along the way on my journey to healing. I was diagnosed in April of 2017 with Amyloidosis, an incurable blood disease, that kills 40% in the first 12 months. Three types of chemo, a positive mindset and the belief that I could heal… I made it yet, my body was broken. Well, here I am today and I feel better than I felt prior to diagnosis and Dragonfly Pure CBD has been a big part of that. I started with Tincture, then moved to capsules, yet with consistency, my body responded, healed and I feel incredible. If you’re looking for guidance on overcoming a health issue, stay with me and I’ll teach you what I know. I’ll share what I did, how CBD helped me and why an isolate is your only choice for healing. Dragonfly pure cbd, take a look at our tinctures, capsules and topicals. You don’t have to be under a doctor’s care like I was to want a clean, quality product in your body. Dragonfly pure CBD, come heal with me.

Products You May Like

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