‘Grow Sciences’ Produces Elite Craft Cannabis & Rosin Cartridges in Now Recreational State, Arizona


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Deep Roots Episode 6 ‘Aeriz’- https://youtu.be/fXT3fdsrIV4 

‘Grow Sciences’ Produces Elite Craft Cannabis & Rosin Cartridges in Now Recreational State, Arizona

Founded May 2017, and coming to market in 2019, Grow Sciences is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Grow Sciences is focused on cultivated elite genetics in a craft cannabis format to produce flower and extraction products that delight the consumer. Featuring guest appearances by Umami Seed Company (Umami Instagram https://bit.ly/3a4rS1Q)and Erik Nugshots (https://www.instagram.com/erik.nugshots).

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Table of Contents

0:00 – Opening
7:43 – Testing with Delta Leaf Labs
13:45 – Cloning methodologies with HDI CloneX
18:18 – Hawthorne Botanicare Slide Benches
19:17 – RO System with SpectraPure
20:17 – Sanitation with Prokure
21:26 – Soil with Royal Gold
30:26 – Storage with Grove Bags
32:40 – Cartridges with 3Win
34:04 – Rosin Bags
34:23 – Extraction with PurePressure
35:22 – Washing Cannabis with AMP
36:58 – Trimming with Trim Bins
39:57 – Packaging with Calyx
Apple Fritter, Tomahawk, Beach Wedding, Forbidden Fruit, Kosher Kush, Runtz, Hidden Pastry, 92 OG, Acai Gelato, Sundae Driver, Dosidos, Wedding Cake, GMO Cookies, Kush Mints, Miracle Alien Cookies
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