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The Smoke & Grow Rich business model is based on the concept of arranging informative cannabis and hemp tours to the legal states like Colorado, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Florida, and up to Canada. Thirty-three states have now legalized some form of cannabis and hemp use and sales, with pending Federal Legislation that could soon legalize cannabis in all 50 states and the revised 2018 Farm Bill that now allows the farming and processing of industrial hemp. The opportunity for minorities to capitalize is enormous.

After conducting extensive research on the ready-to-explode cannabis and hemp industry—projected to generate an astounding fifty (50) billion US dollars by 2025—The Smoke & Grow Rich Team considered their interest in the business as a no-brainer, particularly for African-Americans, who are often the last American ethnic group to benefit from business start-ups that they usually end up supporting. Presently, the cannabis and hemp industry remains underrepresented by minorities, who are more likely to be arrested, villainized, and stereotyped as the victims and casualties of America’s war on drugs, with extremely high incarceration rates in poor, inner-city, and minority communities across the United States.

The “Smoke & Grow Rich Tour,” allows us to aim a needed spotlight on opportunities for underrepresented business folks to walk onto the ground floor of the cannabis and hemp industry, understand its parameters, and learn how to become successful in it. As industry consultants, their partnership will bring national awareness to the industry, while helping minorities and business entrepreneurs to acquire the knowledge needed to start dispensaries, learn hemp cultivation, set up hemp farms, and fulfill their aspirations in cannabis and hemp.

Opportunities to tour hemp farms, grow facilities, processing facilities, retail, and wholesale Cannabis locations are available. Please contact us via social media or go to our website to participate in a Smoke & Grow Rich Tour.

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