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Patient and research assistant, Tiphanie Chanel answers common questions that people have regarding CBD. Please visit us at the University of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Research Fund and at the Cannabis Connection University.

Welcome to the planet’s premier medical Cannabis education channel where we are bringing you a wealth of objective, cutting-edge and relevant information all things medical Cannabis related from a full team of real-life medical Cannabis researchers. This channel is sponsored by the University of New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Research Fund which was established to generate funding for medical Cannabis research investigations at the University of New Mexico and throughout the United States. We are working hard every single day so that more people will be endowed with knowledge about the true risks and benefits of using medical Cannabis for improving their lives. Our research has shown that medical Cannabis flower, which not only consists of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, but also their synergistic effects (similar to different instruments in a symphony), tends to offer greater therapeutic potential than their isolated or synthetically manufactured counterpart products. This makes sense, as humans have been using (usually in smoked form) “weed” and experiencing its benefits for millennia. Unfortunately our government has instilled the perception of shame around such therapies to the point that we commonly accept the use of nonsensical derogatory terms for describing Cannabis and its effects such as “getting high,” “being stoned,” and living one’s life as a “pothead.”

Combined with generations of conditioning to believe that synthetic, profit-generating, pieces of plastic in the form of prescribed and over the counter, inferior medications are somehow state-of-the-art or even simply acceptable, we now find ourselves with massive degrees of suffering, often from the basic side effects of the plastic medicine. Just as consequential, the historical governmental prohibition against medical Cannabis has been successful at making us ignorant of the once known and true, objective, relative risks and benefits of consuming Cannabis in comparison of other major classes of so called medications.

Here at the Cannabis Connection University, we have the 20/20 vision. We know that our society is becoming increasingly aware of medicinal benefits of using Cannabis than we have been led to believe. Cannabis also has safety risks. But in comparison to other major classes of prescription medications including antidepressants, opioids, and sedatives Cannabis is objectively far safer. The researchers at the University of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Research Fund have decided to put the burden of public education on our shoulders, to pick up the slack from our government, and to advocate for every single one of you that believes that healthcare delivery systems and effective medicine have much to be improved. We are confident in expressing our appreciation of the medicinal power of the cannabis plant and we welcome you to join our massive army of everyday citizens and health providers that want to take full advantage of this powerful natural (entheogenic) medicine in your life and the well-being of others.

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