Cannabis Outdoor Grow 2019 Easy Transplant tips for Rooted Clones. Marijuana Education


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hi everybody this video is for education and nothing is for sale. mainly we talk about how to transplant weed, marijuana or cannabis plants, whatever you call it, easily into soil for beginners to help grow outdoors. Cannabis can be grown all over the world and in different climates and environments. we are showing you that cannabis is pretty resilient and it’s not very difficult for it to grow in tougher regions like southern Colorado where it isn’t tropical . Some people will baby their cannabis plants and over take care of them sometimes that is needed. we are showing you that outdoors sometimes it’s just as easy as digging a hole and potting the plant in it just like you would any other plant in your backyard. nothing special. you dont need 200 gallon smart pots full of expensive soil we did use coco, perlite and peat moss to get the clones initially rooted. Fertilizer and water videos coming soon Thank you guys for watching

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