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CBD Wholesale Membership Card Networks are putting the power back in the hands of the buyers by giving them access to 100+ CBD Farms and Labs. Each farm will have the opportunity to bid to win your business and give you the best possible price.
We have been in the CBD and THC space for over 10 year. Our group founded the CBD and Cannabis Business Networking Group. Through these groups we have identified 100+ farms and vendors with no access to buyers. Through our network fee agreements, we are able to put each contract out for bid with each vendor ensuring you get the lowest price and highest quality at no cost to the buyer.
We believe in the pursuit of knowledge, to maintain the highest of qualities & the continuity to evolve with the times. Integrity is at the core of our values & we pride ourselves in being a non-exclusive business. To make the strides necessary in being a leader in the industry.
All raw and processed cannabis (low/high THC and CBD) products sold on this platform are lab certified. Sellers provide samples to our network of ISO/IEC 17025 lab facilities at the time of listing. The certified lab results are displayed as soon as they become available. Sellers can also provide their own COAs.

Products You May Like

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