Understanding How CBD Can Be Used in Veterinary Medicine


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First and foremost, explains Stephen F. Cital, RVT, SRA, RLAT, VTS-Lab Animal, and Liz Hughston, MEd., RVT, CVT, VTS (SAIM, ECC), who both serve as board members for Phyto Animal Health, the term medical marijuana should not be used to describe CBD products—especially in veterinary medicine. Instead, Cital encourages people to use the terms cannabis or hemp plants, which is a higher concentration of other cannabinoids, such as CBD.

According to Cital and Hughston, as the use of cannabis and hemp products becomes more prevalent in veterinary medicine, continued research is being done by a variety of veterinary experts and universities on its related benefits and effects. Colorado State University, for example, is conducting a study on CBD benefits related to osteoarthritis and Cornell University is overseeing PK/PD studies.

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