Medical Marijuana – Clinical and Ethical Considerations – Nurse – Case Manager – CEUs – CRC – NASW


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This is a preview of the CareerSmart Learning online continuing education course “Medical Marijuana – Clinical and Ethical Considerations”. It is worth 5 CEUs & is pre-approved for Nurses, CCM, CRC, CDMS, NASW, and WC CA. Go to: to purchase this course.
This course provides an advanced overview of legal, clinical, and ethical issues associated with Medical Marijuana. By the end of this course, learners will be able to: explain the historical, current, and projected uses of medical marijuana; describe the position taken by federal, state and other authoritative entities on medical marijuana use; list pharmacological uses of medical marijuana, and explain its absorption mechanisms; describe the prevalence and efficacy of medical marijuana use in the clinical setting; compare the risks and benefits associated with medical marijuana use; examine possible employment, insurance and ethical dilemmas stemming from use of medical marijuana and mechanisms for managing such dilemmas.
Course is approved for 5 continuing education units-CEUs-contact hours to the following professions:
• Nurses (RN, LVN, LPN) (all states)
• Critical Care RN (CCRN): meets the criteria for CCRN Synergy Continuing Education
Recognition Point(s) (CERPS) in Category A
• Certified Case Managers (CCM)
• Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC)
• Certified Disability Management Specialists (CDMS)
• Social Workers (NASW)
• CA Workers’ Comp Claims Adjusters
This course is also approved for 5.0 ethics hours for Nurses, CCM , CRC, and CDMS
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