Growin Hemp : Beginners guide # German/English


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This Clip should help the peoples which decide to grow Cannabis.
These are the things which I use to grow Hemp. You don´t need all of this stuff it is simple to grow and this should no request to grow the herb, further I see in this video an explanation of a grow.
In life means to grow that plants, you break a law and this should no request to break laws further it´s in your hands if you get catched or don´t want to support your local dealer which sellin you shit which isn´t any longer the stuff we people call Hemp.
It is in your hands to do this and be carefull this is a culture which is prohibited but still alive and no goverment can threat us like criminals if we the farmer of go(o)dness keep a part of the nature alive , we get threated like criminals and if you get your own stuff by growin your own plants you isolate the dealers and the real criminals which most of them sittin in a comfortable chair one hand the phone and in the other a ruler which decide who get fired and still can work for a piece of shit .,
Money doesn´t make the good grower which is offering his time and work for growin his plants, it´s the people which have no name and seem to be invisible get on your own feets and don´t get a part of the criminal organisations which want to keep Cannabis prohibited and makin their money with it .
Ships and aeroplanes are filled with illegal toxines and not you the SIMPLE man,peoples with money control this. They laugh about you and offer the price to you and gettin richer and richer by keepin it prohibited it´s in your hands to get far from this prices we are more than an addicted in a world ruled by the prices , no life has a price!
not all things which you can see in this vid needed to grow but this gives you a result that is a finisher for cannabis on the top this things gives you a quality which is known to the most legal cannabis you can buy , if you want to have the simple product and just a herb which you can spent a good time in it by watchin it growin it´s like all of this life of the planet earth you only have to spent some time in it and a healthy surrounding !
Good luck !

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