Education Hemp 101: Hemp Seed vs. Protein?


Products You May Like Hemp 101 from the Hemp Out Girls: The main difference between hemp seeds, hemp flour and hemp protein powder is in the amount of protein and fibre. Here’s a quick snapshot of how these products are made…
1.Starts form the seed. Hemp seeds can be ground up to change their consistency but are essentially the first stage of processing.
2.Hemp seeds are squeezed to extract the oil.
3.The remaining material is called hemp seed cake.
4.This seed cake is milled and turned into powder.
5.The powder is then sifted to produce hemp flour. The product of this initial sift is hemp flour, a high fibre but lower protein material. To make hemp protein, the powder is sifted to a finer degree. This removes more of the fibre leaving a higher concentrate of protein.

Fact: The Hemp protein powder has more protein and less fat equaling fewer calories when you compare it tablespoon to tablespoon with hemp seeds. Hemp’s nutritional advantage over other sources of fats and protein thus lies in its highly desirable balance of basic nutrients. Simply put, when eating hempseed, nut and/or oil, our body obtains much of what it needs without the caloric ballast of non-essential nutrients.

Yet, unlike fish and flax oil supplements and protein powders, properly processed hempseed offers these benefits “in taste”, i.e. with a nice flavor profile.

We hope that helps clarify hemp 101!

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