Cannabis & Hemp: Education.


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Legalization, decriminalization, regulation, taxation and education! Where? In California, México, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska Hawaii…North America- Norte América! países democráticos, Marihuana Sativa e Indica, Kona, Reggae,
Recreational, sacred and medical use of Marijuana ( Cannabis ) salud pública, hierbas y plantas naturales, medicinales, religión, espiritualidad, medio ambiente, uso Industrial, educación, Legalización, Legalization Hanf hemp, ganja, weed, pot, herb, hiesca, Mарихуана, mota, herb… North America, Norte América, Nordamerika, Integration, Canada, USA, Mexico. Paz social, diplomacia, unidad, educación! THC, TLC, Prop 215, Prop 19, NAFTA,

Important to consider that illegality and current policies of Marihuana’s prohibition are only harming civil liberties and creating unfair harsh laws, as well as other unnecessary social problems. Against violence and in favor of diplomacy democracy and unity.. In favor of Legalization and decriminalization of Cannabis/Marijuana.
Natural Vibrations ‘Getting High’
/’Green Harvest’ (♫ Natural Vibrations / Hawaiian Reggae )

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